HARMONY BALL ® Chiming Spheres

are of ancient Celtic design and were originally used as meditative devices to commune with Nature.

While we no longer have many of the original designs, I still reminice about a couple of my favorites. These are no longer available except maybe on E-Bay. They are sorely missed and I have not been able to convince them to reintroduce the Hand Held line.

This was my favorite:
Executive Stress Reliever, Meditative Tool, Treasured Keepsake,
HARMONY BALL® Hand-held Spheres
Lend Tranquility and Intrigue to any setting.

50 mm Hand-held Harmony Ball
The Original German Silver Chiming Sphere, in Pure Simplicity
An exquisite sphere almost 2 inchs in diameter with a deeper more resonate sound.
Perfect for carrying in your purse or to set on your desk or coffee table.
The true meditation sphere.
$ was $50.00

We have been very fortunate however to procure another source of Hand Held Chiming Spheres called MusicSphere®. There is no compromise in the quality of sound or constuction. Reviews from the field come back equally divided as to preferences between the MusicSphere® and the Harmony Ball® pendants. MusicSphere® has a complete selection on the order pagefrom 25mm to 50mm in Silver Plate only.


Our Gemstone Spheres were Hand-sculpted by one of America's premiere artisan couples Gayle Balcon and Bob Dilger. These Wanderlust Silversmiths are internationally renowned for their unique approach to metalworking (and life). Crafting their jewelry from within a converted schoolbus. I am afraid these unique art pieces are gone forever. I still love them.

Fairy overlay on sphere w/Amethyst

25AGTH "Tinkerbell" Fairy overlay on a 25 mm Silver sphere with Amethyst
was $100.00

Angel overlay on sphere w/garnet

25RGTH Angel overlay on a 25 mm Silver sphere with Garnet
was $100.00

"Harmony Baby" Chime Rattles.

One of the most unique baby or shower gift you can give.
The gift that will be passed down for generations


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HARMONY BALL® always keeps whimsey in mind, check out the
Harmony Kingdom Treasure Jest ® pages.

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